CCA take an early intervention approach, using evidence-based programs and trauma informed services and practices to promote meaningful results in social and emotional wellbeing, for the children, young people, families, and communities we serve. Providing trusted information, strategies, and resources; CCA take a planned approach to design programs that support, strengthen vulnerable and providing the best opportunity for families, of children & youth wellbeing.

To support young people, we outreach and provide innovative services and programs tailor made to improve mental health, general wellbeing, family support, healthy relationships and educational outcomes for children, youth and their families.

A strong relationship and secure emotional bond between children, young people and their caregivers, is critical. It can affect their physical, social, and emotional development, including their ability to form trusting relationships and to exhibit positive behaviours. CCA can help parents learn and practice the nurturing skills that lead to strong, secure attachments is a well supported pathway to positive outcomes for children and young people.

Our programs support parents to develop concrete parenting skills that help children and youth function well at home, in school, at work, and in the community, today and into adulthood. Parents are coached on how to use their own inner strengths and resources as a foundation for building essential protective factors. These include resilience, social connection and knowledge of parenting and child/ youth development, that help families to parent effectively.

Parents who have participated in our programs have indicated such things as; that they feel better able to handle anger and emotional outbursts from their child, they better understand the importance of selfcare in parenting, that they feel more confident in their understanding of their child’s emotions and that they have gained a greater understanding of the importance of emotional intelligence, not just IQ (Intelligence Quotient).

We provide a variety of free services including:

  • Youth Counselling/ Financial Counselling
  • Advocacy
  • Educational workshops
  • Social events
  • School liaison
  • After school programs and activities
  • School Holiday Program
  • Home support

If you are having problems we can help with advice and support or just someone to talk to.

For more information contact us on on 9858 3222 or email, alternatively use the form below to make an enquiry.