Together, we are moving people from poverty to possibility, helping kids be all they can be, getting young people ready to succeed in life, the elderly to live independently longer and enjoy their lives and building strong and healthy communities.


A bequest is a gift left in a Will. When you make a bequest to CCA  you are enabling CCA’s community service work to continue and make a real difference. Your bequest, however big or small, is greatly appreciated and valued by CCA.

Why make a Will?

Almost half of all Australians die without leaving a Will. If you die without leaving a Will you have no control over what happens with your Estate. This could lead to legal complications for those you want to benefit from your Estate.

Making a Will is an important part of planning for the future of your family and friend. It will give you peace of mind that your wishes and general affairs are taken care of as you wish.

If you already have a Will you may want to review it as your particular circumstances may have changed and you wish to ensure your Will continues to reflect your wishes.

Making a codicil (an amendment)

The main benefit of making a codicil to your Will is that you can make minor changes to your Will without having to make an entirely new Will. For example, you may decide to make an additional legacy to a person or a charity.

Issues to raise with your solicitor

Whether you intend to make a new Will or a minor amendment via a codicil, it is advisable to seek qualified legal advice to prepare the document and ensure that your wishes are correctly recorded. Your legal practitioner can advise you on taxation implications, trusts, guardians, asset valuations and power of attorney.

Your Gift

Naming CCA in your Will is a very simple but greatly appreciated way of remembering your association with our organisation. The form of wording is important and you may like to show the following examples to your legal practitioner when you include Christian Community Aid in your Will.

“I give the sum of $…….. free of all duties and testamentary expenses to Christian Community Aid Services Inc. for its general purposes and I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer or other proper officer of Christian Community Aid Services Inc. shall be sufficient discharge to my executors of this bequest.”

Or, you may wish to leave what remains of your Estate (the residuary estate) after specific gifts have been made to your family, friends and loved ones.

“I give the rest and residue of my estate to Christian Community Aid Services Inc. for its general purposes and I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer or other proper officer of Christian Community Aid Services Inc. shall be sufficient discharge to my executors of this bequest.”

Christian Community Aid Services endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as an income tax exempt charitable entity and a deductible gift recipient. Gifts and bequests of $2 or more are tax deductible.

If you are planning to leave a gift to CCA in your Will please let us know so we can thank you and acknowledge you on behalf of the many lives you will have n impact on.

Please click here to download a CCA Bequest Intention Form and follow the instructions given on the form.

CCA Workplace Giving is the easiest, most effective and most tax effective way for you to give. Workplace Givings is a joint relationship between employers, employees and charities. You can donate a small portion directly from your pre-tax salary and receive the tax benefit straight away rather than waiting until the end of the financial year.

Want to know more?

For enquiries or If you would like to join CCA workplace giving or to register your interest, please fill out the enquiry form below.

Corporate Partnership

We can’t do everything on our own, but together we can succeed.

CCA offers partnerships with organisations that share our values, vision and mission. You can engage the community they are apart of and help the community with the things your organisations held dear. Much of CCA work has been made possible through the help of our generous corporate partners, who are committed to supporting your Community.

Why partner with CCA?

  • It’s tax deductible. As a charitable organisation, CCA will give you a receipt you can claim during your tax time.
  • You’ll be helping the community alongside a trusted organisation with more than 50 years of experience.
  • Help your business to stand out in the local community.
  • CCA offers a diverse range of service, you can support any of the service dear to your heart.

Want to find out more? Please fill in the form below.

Adding FUN in Fundraise

CCA understands that there is a million and one way that you can get involved. CCA allows our supporters to participate in fundraising activities such as sporting events, office fundraisers, garage sales, bake sales, fun runs, anything you can think of! And while you are having fun together, you are also helping the community.

CCA has a diverse range of service to help the community. You can tailor made your campaign to support any of CCA’s program that is dear to your heart. Remember, CCA put 100% of your donation to the service delivery of your choosing.

Got some ideas??

If you have an idea you’d like to discuss, need advice or have any questions in regard to fundraising for CCA, please contact Or fill in the enquiry form below:

Why volunteer with CCA?

Volunteers give their skills, life experience, time and energy to the community. By engaging with the community to enable better lives you are doing something good for yourself too.

Some of the reasons people volunteer include:

  • meeting new people
  • gaining experience
  • staying active and involved
  • a sense of worth
  • trying something new
  • learning new skills and/or retaining existing ones
  • a sense of belonging
  • giving back to the community
  • having fun
  • supporting a cause.


What can you do with CCA?

There are a wide range of opportunities, for example:

  • Administrative work
  • Community Learning tutoring
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Youth work
  • Medical Transport driving
  • Bus Driving (10- or 12-seater vehicles)
  • Working as a member of a board or committee
  • Fundraising


How to Volunteer

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator to talk about volunteering with CCA.

Click here for our Volunteer Application Form (English) or Volunteer Application Form (Chinese)

CCA volunteers are required to undergo a Police Check which CCA will organise. Some volunteer roles will also require a Working with Children Check.

As a CCA member, you are part of a non-profit organisation that has been responding to community needs since 1965.

Our vision is for every Australian community, families, children, young people and elderly to thrive. Get involved in shaping our future to make our vision a reality. As a member, you can shape to actually happen. Be fully informed, become engaged and contribute to program development and service enhancements at CCA.

As a member you will:

  • Receive invitations to hear more about our work;
  • Have the opportunity to speak out about the future of our organization;
  • Have voting rights in elections for the CCA Board;
  • Have voting rights on issues related to the governance of the organization.

To become a CCA member complete the CCA Application for Membership Form and send it with the membership fee to CCA, 12 Lakeside Road, Eastwood NSW 2122.

There is a one-off $10 lifetime contribution fee.

If you have any questions about becoming a member please contact CCA.

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