Message from our Social Work Students:

Message from our Social Work Students:

As part of our studies, we are expected to undertake placement and we were fortunate enough that CCA was able to take us in and provide us with an incredible opportunity.

Our placement at CCA allowed us to embark on an opportunity that encouraged us to develop skills and knowledge that we will continuously refer to in our future careers. However, this would not have been possible without CCA’s clients and volunteers as they allowed us to have a peek into their life.

The stories that they have shared, the conversations that we have had and the interactions that have occurred will be memories that we will reminisce fondly. Some of the words that we hear repeated when we speak with the clients about CCA includes, ‘Helpful’, ‘Friendly’, ‘Supportive’ and ‘Grateful’, we think these words beautifully encapsulate the impact CCA makes within the community and the individuals they work with.

The support and guidance we have received from the staff has been immense and has allowed us to nurture the foundational skills that is important when working in the community. Without CCA, we would not have been able to encounter these

unique experiences which have encouraged us to grow. We are so thankful to have these opportunities and would love to use this chance to say thank you to all the clients, staff, and volunteers.

Rose Au and Si Thu Htet Naing

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