CCA New South Wales Ltd. is a highly respected local community neighbourhood service. CCA runs many programmes including Meals on Wheels, financial counselling, welfare, multicultural services, aged services and Family Day Care. It has been active in the area for over 50 years and is governed by a volunteer Board of Management which represents various aspects of the community. The Board members bring a diverse range of skills to the governance of the organisation. Over 450 volunteers contribute their time and energy to accomplish much of the work within the organisation.

CCA oversees a multi-million dollar budget with 39% of this revenue being self generated funds. CCA has the capacity, infrastructure, networks, human and financial resources to provide the best value for money to deliver high-quality services to the community. The organisation has documented and practitioner experience in engaging vulnerable people, their families; service providers and their communities via volunteer supported programs to develop self-resilience and individual capacity building through self-determined choices.

CCA has over 450 volunteers across all programs and offers time, skills and resources to deliver essential services. Professional development and training opportunities are made available to all relevant staff and volunteers. Other areas that provide value for money include limiting the need to outsource translation services as we have multilingual staff and volunteers who provide this service.

The organisation places a high value on team work and mutual support and staff enjoy the benefits of having talented colleagues to extend our own skills. CCA has extensive policies and procedures linked to an organisational and governance framework and supported by continuous improvement processes. The robust project governance and organisational policies and procedures provide the framework for the management of programs. There are clear delegations of authority in place and monthly staff and board reporting also provide for transparent and accountable management.


Leadership Team

CCA is governed by a volunteer Board committed to applying the highest level of ethical practice to all aspects of CCA’s organisational governance. The professional knowledge and experience of our Board members ensure that CCA fully complies with its legal, financial and fiduciary obligations. The CCA Board is responsible for the compliance, review and financial stewardship of the organisation to ensure it is effectively meeting existing and emerging community needs.